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DRX Impact Bed Increases Belt Life, Cuts Maintenance Time

DRX 1500 Impact Bed




Underground Mining


DRX™ 1500 Impact Bed


Increased belt life
Reduced maintenance time

Conveyor Detail

4-ply 440 belt with 1/4" cover


When specifying the conveyor system for a gold and copper mining operation, the application and materials being conveyed were not considered. The original equipment manufacturer installed an undersized slider bed and idlers that were being destroyed by the oversized load being dropped.


The maintenance team realized a larger bed was needed to prolong the life of the belt and decrease the weekly downtime that was being spent repairing the belt. A Flexco DRX™ 1500 Impact Bed was installed.


After several weeks, no belt damage has been reported in the load zone area, meaning less maintenance. In the future, the operation will be considering the application when specifying conveyor components.

Product Group

  • Impact Beds and Skirting Systems

Product Line

  • Slider/Impact Beds


  • Open Pit/Hard Rock Mining

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