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Flexco Polyurethane Skirting Outlasts the Competition

Fig 1
Figure 1


Iron Ore 


Screening Conveyor


Flexco Polyurethane Skirting


To find a more effective, long-lasting skirting solution to:
Decrease downtime 
Increase productivity 

Conveyor Detail

1200mm, 20mm thick 4-ply fabric belt. Belt speed of 2.5m/sec. 


A major iron ore mine was determined to find an alternative to their current skirting solution. The skirting that was in use was also a polyurethane soft skirting, however, the skirting became severely damaged and ineffective after only five days (Fig 1). 

Fig 2
Figure 2


The operations team decided to test an alternative polyurethane skirting from Flexco through a side-byside trial. Both products were lined against multiple impact zones and were comprised of the same thickness and material.


Flexco’s Polyurethane Skirting, which is poured in-house in Grand Rapids, Michigan, outperformed the competitor significantly (Fig 2). After the five day trial, it became apparent that Flexco offered a solution that was far superior to the competition. The competing product began to, once again, tear within five days of installation. The site was so impressed with the results that they have now changed the site skirting specifications to the Flexco product.

Product Group

  • Impact Beds and Skirting Systems

Product Line

  • Skirting Systems


  • Iron Ore