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Frequently Asked Questions

What external seal do you use to protect the bearing?

The field-proven flinger seal has no contact points internally, nor is it packed with grease, which contributes to the CoreTech™ Roller’s low breakaway mass and running friction numbers. Unlike other seals which have points of contact both internally and on the shaft, Flexco’s seal does not and cannot wear out and allow contaminants inside the roller. Other seals are packed full of grease to create an additional barrier. Oftentimes, this grease proves to be a dust trap and over time will dry out becoming a grinding paste at the most critical point – the bearing. The CoreTech seal utilises centrifugal force generated by rotation (8 to 9 times gravitational) to expel contaminants. It is also designed to allow water to drain from the seal when at rest.

Product Group

  • Conveyor Idlers and Rollers

Product Line

  • Composite Rollers