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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is breakway mass important to the conveyor operator when it comes to conveyor rollers?

Rollers made of lightweight materials will have a significantly reduced moment of inertia, which can translate to large savings in the energy required to get the conveyor system running. The two major issues related to conveyor operation are “start up” power and “running” operation. The first relates to how much power is required to get the conveyor rolling – this can be as much as 13% of available power. Available power should be used to move run of mine material, not to move conveyor rollers. The lower the running friction, the less energy required to maintain conveyor movement. The above discussion has a bearing on drives, gearboxes, and motors and the point should be to reduce the stress on these components.

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  • Conveyor Idlers and Rollers

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  • Composite Rollers