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Universal Lightweight Pole

Universal Pole

Flexco’s Universal Lightweight Pole has been designed to be up to 60% lighter than steel poles. This means it’s safer for workers to lift on-site whilst still providing the strength and rigidity needed for high-performing belt cleaners.

The pole has also been designed to suit a wide variety of Flexco primary and secondary cleaners, making ordering and stock piling easy for unexpected emergency shutdowns.

Features and Benefits

  • Suits H-Type®, FMS, MHS & P-Type® Cleaners
  • 40-60% lighter than steel
  • Made for Australian Mining Conditions. Although lightweight, the universal pole has been tested to withstand the harshest mining conditions in Australia.

pole weight comparison

  H-Type® (L) MHS FMS P-Type®
Standard Pole 34.5 50.0 50.0 33.0
Universal Lightweight Pole 19.4 19.4 19.4 19.4
Weight Reduction 44% 61% 61% 41%


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